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What sort of document formats can be put on a website?

Technically there is no restriction on the formats of documents that can be added as attachments.  Microsoft or Apple documents can be uploaded – however for the document to be accessible by a user, they must have the same program on their computer or device.  To ensure a document can be viewed it is recommended to convert to Adobe pdf format.  This is a common document format and free document conversion programs can be found on the internet.  Web Services Made Simple strongly advise all documents are converted to this format prior to being sent for uploading.

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What permissions do I need for displaying photos of people on my website?

In volunteer organisations, especially those involving children, it is strongly advisable to gain express permission to use photos prior to sending them.  The onus of gaining permission to use photos is with the group and not Web Services Made Simple.  It is advisable to gain written approval from all individuals that feature on your website.

The CareMonkey software in use by Scouts Victoria also has the ability to send and maintain permissions for this purpose.

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What sort of photos can I put on my website?

Photos are a great way to add colour and vibrancy to your website.  The recommended format for photos are either jpg or gif.  These formats result in good resolution with small file size – enabling them to be displayed quickly.

To get the best results when sending photos to Web Services Made Simple, keep them in the original format so that they can be appropriately sized and cropped when building your website.

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Can I have comments or post pages on my website?

Yes.  The WordPress software, which Web Services Made Simple builds the website with has well developed comment and blogging capabilities.  A dedicated page to enable posts (written comments) to be loaded can be included.  The recommended method is to create specific logins for trusted members to enable them to post upcoming events, photos and attachments.  It is recommended that the ability for the public to comment on these posts be disabled – to remove the need for someone to moderate comments.

If you would like to host on your site an online forum where others can post comments or respond to your posts, this can be accommodated.  Please bear in mind that you will need to manage the posts and moderate comments.  Web Services Made Simple will set up the framework, but not manage the forum.

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Can I add a group calendar to my website?

Yes, a group calendar is a great way to share upcoming activities with viewers of your website.  The recommendation is to create a Google calendar – maintained by the group (not Web Services Made Simple).  Once the calendar is established it can be embedded in the website.  Changes to the calendar will be automatically reflected on the website.  The group contact will own the calendar and can invite other members to be able to update it.  Do an internet search on ‘Google Calendar’ to get started.

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Who is able to add content to my website?

Once an agreement to design, build and implement a website has been reached, Web Services Made Simple will work with one or two key members of your group.  In order to keep things simple, Web Services Made Simple will take requests via email for content additions, modifications and deletions from one or two designated contacts.  In this way we can all be assured that updates are consistent with the direction of the group and to reduce potential confusion.

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