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How do I choose a domain suffix or tld (top level domain)?
The convention for Australian businesses is to have the following suffix (com = commercial, au = Australia country code)
With volunteer or non profit organisations in Australia the recommendation is:
.org (organisation) or
.net (internet) or
In the early days of domain naming it was common to include the country code to identify location. As time has gone on and standards have relaxed, it is quite common to drop the country code and just have .org or .net.

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How do I choose a domain name?
The domain name is your groups identifier on the World Wide Web. In tune with the philosophy of Web Services Made Simple it is recommended to choose a website name that is:
• Simple to spell and remember
• Short but not abbreviated
• Consistent with your group name

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Who owns my domain name?
In the process of registering your domain name (eg., the key contact from your group will be listed as the domain owner. If at a later point your group makes the decision to move to a different provider, Web Services Made Simple would assist the transition to the new provider.

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