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What ongoing support is provided?  At what cost?

In the design and development phase information is being gathered and placed into the design.  In the first 3 calendar months after the website launch, there is often a settling in period where changes may be needed.  All changes are included in the cost of a one year agreement for the first 3 calendar months.  After that time your website can be updated once a month, upon request for the Basic Plan and once a fortnight for the Value Plan.  Note, an update can include multiple changes.  Should additional updates be requested afterwards during the same calendar month for the Basic Plan or during the same fortnight for the Value Plan, Web Services Made Simple reserve the right to charge a $10 fee for each additional update request.  Unfortunately unused monthly or fortnightly update requests do not carry over to the next and subsequent time periods.

Should there be a need for other website related support please email at any time.

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I am not very technical and don’t understand internet jargon, can you make this easier for me to understand?
At Web Services Made Simple our main aim is to fill that gap of not knowing how to go about creating and maintaining a website. The goal is to form a partnership so that you don’t have to worry about the technical aspects. So long as you can provide the written information, photos and documents, they can be incorporated into the website in a stylish and effective manner.

Category: General

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