If you are running a small business you will most likely be faced with a challenge – how do I get more customers and get return business from the customers we already have? The success of any small business is to ensure new customers can easily find information about you and ensure that what they do find is informative and compelling enough to contact you.
As a small business you know that you are competing for customers on a regular basis.
So, put yourself in the position of a potential customer looking for a company offering your services. Do a Google search for your field of business. What do you find?
If you do not have a website you will almost certainly find websites of your competitors. If you put in your business name as well you will likely find links to other websites, newspaper articles, business directories, Facebook posts that mention your business, very likely from years gone by.
Without a website there is no single point of reference that clearly describes who you are, what you do, how much you charge, who to contact and where to find more information. At this point your business is relying on word of mouth in the community for survival.
Like it or not, your business is effectively at a competitive disadvantage without a website and it is likely that you will continue along this same path.
What if you could change this direction and harness the power of the internet to drive people to your small business? Well you can. Web Services Made Simple can put together a customised website with your information, photos and documents and maintain the site, all at an affordable price.

Perhaps you are in a position where you have a website and it is not being regularly updated or maintained, and frankly it is looking a little bit tired. Despite having a website, outdated information does not reflect positively on your business and may even turn away new prospects. Like most small business owners you want to spend your time on doing what you are best at – running your business and not maintaining a website.
Now go back to your search results and choose a successful competitor that you know of in your area. Typically, successful small businesses have harnessed the power of the internet and have a well defined website that is up to date and packed full of information. It is not surprising that successful businesses have a strong internet presence with many favourable links, that draw people to them because of the solid online presence they have built.
In this day and age it is commonplace for customers to research organisations, compare alternatives and seek information and recommendations before they will engage a small business they don’t know. Put yourself in their shoes and ask – if I wanted to find out about your small business – where would I go? You owe it to your businesses long term future to build your brand and get it out in the public eye.
This is where Web Services Made Simple comes in – we can design, build and maintain a customised website at an affordable price.
$350 – Design, build and launch your website. Includes domain registration, hosting and support for 1st year.
$350 – Ongoing maintenance, updates, support, domain registration and hosting for 2nd or subsequent year.

See our Pricing Page for other packages including eCommerce.
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Still not convinced? Read on!
If you have ever tried searching for a company to build you a website, as I have, you will find it is not a simple process. Many companies are not interested in small business sites and accordingly, price themselves out of reach. Those that do will ask you to call them for a quote, and even have complex pricing plans based on a cost per page. Contrast that with the service offered at Web Services Made Simple and you will find value for money for the valuable service you need.
What would I get with my website?
Included in the cost of the website is:
• Domain name registration e.g. www.mysmallbusiness.com.au
• Web hosting
• Secure backup of site contents
• SSL Certificate (Security)
• Multiple content updates in the first 3 months from launch date
• One set of content updates per calendar month thereafter
• Email support for website issues
What features can I have on my website?
• Key information
• Photos
• Documents
• Forms
• Calendars
• Posts/Comments
• Links
• *eCommerce features not included
The purpose of a website is to provide up to date information about your business, eye catching photos and easy to find contact details. When developing the site, Web Services Made Simple will provide the basic structure and format suitable for computers, tablets and mobile devices. As the owner all you need to worry about is:
• Content – details of services, previous completed jobs, company history
• Photos – show off your successes
• Key contact details – email and phone numbers
Web Services Made Simple will take care of all technical details to get your site up and running and regularly maintained.
So get started today! At Web Services Made Simple, just like our services, the cost plan is simple with no hidden extras.
$350 – Design, build and launch your website. Includes domain registration, hosting and support for 1st year.
$280 – Ongoing maintenance, support, domain registration and hosting for 2nd or subsequent year.
To register your interest or sign up go to the contact page now.